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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. After earning a degree in electrical engineering, Matthew The Dystopia Chronicles (Atopia Book 2) by [Mather, Matthew].
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Cast out from Atopia, Robert Baxter undertakes a globe-trotting quest to find his friend Willy's lost body, which just may hold the key to understanding the dangers facing his home As Robert pieces together the puzzle, he realizes that mankind's ravenous consumption of natural resources is no longer the most immediate threat to this world. As full-scale global war erupts and an ancient apocalyptic threat resurfaces, Robert must risk losing the ones he loves to save the planet from destruction. After earning a degree in electrical engineering, Matthew Mather started his professional career at the McGill Center for Intelligent Machines.

He went on to found one of the world's first tactile feedback companies, which became the world leader in its field, as well as create an award-winning brain training video game. More Details Other Editions 5. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about The Dystopia Chronicles , please sign up. This question contains spoilers… view spoiler [Who was Bob's actual brother? I thought Dean was the one who committed suicide and Martin was the proxxi that the family kept as a replacement, but in several places, Bob refers to Martin's suicide.

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Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Earlier this week, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella's all-employee email included the following: "We live in a mobile-first and cloud-first world. Computing is ubiquitous and experiences span devices and exhibit ambient intelligence. Billions of sensors, screens and devices - in conference rooms, living rooms, cities, cars, phones, PCs - are forming a vast network and streams of data that simply disappear into the background of our lives.

This computing power will digitize nearly everything around us Earlier this week, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella's all-employee email included the following: "We live in a mobile-first and cloud-first world. This computing power will digitize nearly everything around us and will derive insights from all of the data being generated by interactions among people and between people and machines.

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We are moving from a world where computing power was scarce to a place where it now is almost limitless, and where the true scarce commodity is increasingly human attention. We barely have the time to spend our attention on deciding how to spend our attention, and, rest assured, it will not get better. In fact, if you want to picture what it might be like in a hundred years, Mr. Mather's book gives one of the best predictions I've seen for our future, a future in which we have virtual selves to extend our self far beyond what is currently possible, so that those selves can explore our multiverse, looking at future possibilities and advising avoidance of the unpleasant ones, and even screening what we, the "primary self" see, so that we are not overrun with advertisements and other attention-grabbing devices.

Add to that some other technological advances, such as the technology to use weather to wage war, and add in a trillionaire's complex life in the multiverse, along with the lives of other important and interesting characters, all having some sort of flaw, but all well, almost all likable, and you've got a helluva good book. And it is. But, that's only half of the picture. The other half involves how the "end of time" is brought about, and this is just as fascinating, if not more so, than the technology of distributed consciousness.

I have always enjoyed end-of-time scenarios, and this one takes the prize for most inventive of all. And, I must say that I really appreciate the research that Mr. Mather puts into his work. He has clearly done his research on AI, philosophy of mind consciousness , biology Simon Conway Morris' "convergent evolution" , and the various myths regarding the end of times. I also like the fact that he keeps the action going, keeping your mind engaged throughout.

I highly recommend this book and the two predecessors in this trilogy Atopia and CyberStorm Note that I was provided an Advance Review Copy at no cost. View 1 comment. I purposely looked up the definition of dystopia and it is according to Merriam Webster — an imaginary place where people are unhappy and usually afraid because they are not treated fairly. This is a novel that many hard science sci-fi readers will enjoy, a novel that those who enjoy science fiction with a bit of fantasy will enjoy and finally, for those who enjoy a novel that presents some debatable philosophical viewpoints.

I received a free ARC of this book for reviewing purposes from NetGalley and have presented an honest review of this book. Nov 27, Christopher rated it it was ok. Pass on this one. The first volume was a compelling book of ideas with a very loose narrative thru-line between them. It worked because the technology described was inventive and the scenarios presented were compelling snapshots of what such a technology augmented reality on a massive scale could produce. Characters didn't need to be developed beyond the confines of their individual short stories except where they made brief cameos in the other stories.

The second volume loses it by trying to Pass on this one. The second volume loses it by trying to take that loose narrative and those generally underdeveloped characters and attempting to spin an entire book out of it. As other reviewers have noted, it becomes exceptionally difficult to keep track of whether scenes are where the characters are physically present and therefore in real danger or if it's merely a virtual projection using the "pssi" technology.

What's worse is that it sort of teases a sequel.

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A shame because the first novel stands so well on its own. Aug 14, Paul Decker rated it liked it. This book has a different feel than the first. The first was completely a sci-fi novel, showing the possibility of technologies in the future. This book has some fantastical elements and confusing spiritual things. There's an Apocalyptic prediction and I won't reveal how that goes, but I just didn't get the thought-provoking sci-fi feel I got from the first one.


Religion is very p This book has a different feel than the first. Religion is very present in this novel. All opinions of religion are showed from the far skeptic to the priest. This story is far more fantastical than its processor. I enjoyed it, but definitely not as much as the first book. The ending is interesting, but it's a very slow way to get there. What a major disappointment. The first book was smart, boundary-pushing without being alienating, and reminded me of some of the great "thought experiments as stories" books I read from Asimov and Clarke.

This book was a mess. The boarders of reality and virtual spaces were so muddled and poorly delineated that I was constantly asking myself what was happening - What was real and what was virtual. I know he has a third book planned for this series and I think I'm going to have to pass. What Ugh. What a waste. Nov 03, Verditwist rated it really liked it Shelves: dark , sf , thought-provoking-intense , visionary , dystopian. This is it. Even destroying the island and its inhabitants would not be a step too far.

Now, in book two, the same gang of friends and associates we grew familiar with in Atopia are on the run from government agencies, criminal gangs and bounty hunters. Is Jimmy really that evil? Is Bob the key to stopping the ever escalating cycle of violence overtaking the world? Where is Wally?

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Yes — I really did type that. Who are the Four Riders of the Apocalypse? Do we know them by name? Will Bob save the universe in time? As the story becomes darker, science fantasy overtakes science fiction. We readers have a better understanding of the nature of threats facing surfer dude Bob, his friends and every world, real and imagined, in the multiverse they inhabit. You've got to hang onto this story by its coattails. It is a difficult story to summarise — without giving it all away.

Just below the surface are doubts and moral questions. Imagine if our current Darknet went VR.

This is a world questioning reality and perception, and the end explains all. This is a wonderfully complex book. There is one rare passage where I think the technical explanations are too detailed there is only so much I need to know about the composition of crystals but the story is sufficiently paced that this just creates a small blip in the ongoing mystery. Sumptuous Baroque interiors. As a reader you have your doubts. You catch up. You think you understand. Then comes the end.

And the three most terrifying words you could imagine, in the circumstances, finish the book. This is good. There are times when I want something to get my teeth into, something other than a quick fix, and this does it for me on a series of levels. This is the third book of MM's that I have read, all dark, all dystopian and designed for long winter evenings when you want to scare yourself just a little as you snuggle up to the fire and listen to the rain. Jul 20, Patricia rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites.

I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review of Dystopia. When I read the Atopia Chronicles, I had no idea it was to be part of a trilogy. I was really excited to see there was another book, and to learn a third is on its way. If you liked the Atopia Chronicles, you'll love this. There is a glossary of terms, but if you read Atopia I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review of Dystopia. The world-building is excellent, and the characters well-developed, with very distinct personalities.

There is so much going on here--physics, technology, psychology, politics, religion, history, philosophy--and yet the story is brilliantly written, so that each element builds upon and supports the others. It's not cluttered, hard to follow, or too busy. It's fast-paced and hard to put down; full of allegory and metaphor that makes the narrative almost poetic in spots. I've managed to learn something new with every book of Mather's I've read. For example, who's ever heard of the Voynich manuscript? This was the first book I've read where I found myself making notes and highlights with my Kindle, to go back and look at later and ponder.

There are so real gems in there, in fact many of them; such as the following: "Thoughts can be viruses," she continued. Virulent memes can rip through thought-space, half-truths and deceptions can destroy just as violently as kinetics. It almost destroyed Atopia, and now you're stuck in it again. Why can't you see it? Social media makes the truth of that statement so glaringly obvious. With a single tweet or Facebook post, lives can be impacted, political careers destroyed. And this quote ellipses where words were removed , which made me wonder if Mr.

I think possibly the only thing I didn't really warm up to in the whole book was the Grilla. I don't know why though. I think it was just my own personal inability to relate to him. I can't wait for the last book in this series. Very few authors inspire me to collect their complete works. Mather is one of them. Read it, read it, read it! Aug 11, Alan rated it it was amazing.

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Virtual or more appropriately, synthetic reality; distributed consciousness, information everywhere-all the time, what really constitutes the self? An infinite set of parallel universes, the complete isolation of the wealthy from the hard realities of life, while the great masses live in squalor.

Peak population, wars over water, space, solar power, even the use of weather as a weapon. The computing power necessary to model future outcomes, doomsday scenarios depicted in ancient texts, prophets Virtual or more appropriately, synthetic reality; distributed consciousness, information everywhere-all the time, what really constitutes the self? The computing power necessary to model future outcomes, doomsday scenarios depicted in ancient texts, prophets of the end of days. Matthew Mather has managed to wrap many of the hottest topics in technology, medicine and science thinking people are talking about today into a science fiction thriller of the first order.

Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. Often fiction paints a scarier picture of our possible futures. A solid author produces a sequel that doesn't disappoint but rather, delights. The new release is a headlong rush into a future we could see unfolding in many of the social behaviors and technological adaptations occurring at an ever increasing pace in our world today.

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Continuing the story of the most interesting and important characters from Atopia, Mather takes the "pssi kids along with the mysterious creator of Phuture News on a thrilling chase through virtual and physical locations teaming with characters made both sad and fearsome by mans' experiments gone awry. Collecting information from an amazing variety of well crafted characters and superbly described locations, the group must find answers to enormous questions so they can derail the sinister plans of a troubled former pssi-kid who has truly gone off the rails.

Mather's imagination is on full display here. This book takes a huge, thundering swing at concepts hard to describe, let alone craft a story around. The result is a resounding success. The book maintains a rapid, exciting pace while never leaving the reader wondering about the complex concepts woven into its story line.

The end contains a twist that will make you wish for more. This story, the story of our existence, our past and quite possibly our future, like the multi-verse in which it ultimately takes place never has to end. I for one am looking forward to another installment. Top Notch Science Fiction!

I received an advance review copy of this book. Jan 28, Chris Torretta rated it really liked it. I loved Atopia and could not wait to get my hands onto this one! Matthew Mayer just has a way of bringing the reader into this fantastical world that he has imagined. But the scary thing? Not only can I imagine it for fiction, I can actually see this happening in our future! I recommend reading the Atopia Chronicles before delving into this one.

He brings back quite a few of the people that we met in Atopia and their background stories are important to what happens to the plot in this one. In Atop I loved Atopia and could not wait to get my hands onto this one! In Atopia Chronicles the narration jumps from one character to another and you're not sure where you're standing with each character until close to the end of the stories. This one is much more stream lined and due to that I think it was a better read. Instead of being a little choppy it flowed quite well. I love when an author does not skip portions. It has been a little while since I read the first but I was able to immediately fall into this story.

There are just enough reminders to help that transition be very smooth. The only thing I question is how the story progresses. Even without being as choppy as the first with narration at times I had to move backward to be able to figure out where I was. Or re-listen to a portion to ensure I got the entire story right. This also may have something to do with the fact that this is getting into some serious science fiction, which is definitely not my normal genre! Over all I thought the narration by Nick Poedhl was done very well. The audio was very clean and easy to stay with, minus the few story portions where I got lost!

I absolutely love when a narrator takes time to really tell the story. This includes adding pauses.

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I can get lost when the pauses are not done correctly but Nick Poedhl did a fantastic job reading this and the voices were pretty easy to tell apart. In short: A few downsides but all in all it was a good read. I loved listening to this one even with the few times I had to look back. Received from Audiobookreviewer for an honest review. Aug 21, Mitzi rated it it was ok.